Discovery of Guayule (“Y-U-LEE”) Extract™

Lance Beem, MS a 37-year veteran of the crop protection industry and plant physiologist, discovered an extract from the root of a desert shrub called Guayule (parthenium argentatum). Field trials at UC-Davis confirmed Guayule Extract is highly effective in the promotion of plant nutrient uptake, root growth and vigor resulting in consistently higher crop quality and yields. Beem Biologics is the exclusive manufacturer of the Guayule Extract grown in Arizona.

The following Licensees of ISOPLEX™:

Beem Biologics Licenses CYANOBLEND™ from Phyco BioSciences, Inc.

Phyco BioSciences Inc is a pioneer in the development of production systems and strain selection for algae biomass production from 2005 to 2011. During this period, a combination of algae and cyanobacteria strains were blended for use in soil remediation, primarily for copper mines in Arizona. The product was found to be effective in restoring depleted soils and promoting microbial growth. In addition, the product is used as an ingredient in feed products for shrimp and fish feeds.

Phyco then performed field trials for crop production and named the product CYANOBLEND™. In 2017, Beem Biologics entered into an exclusive license with Phyco BioSciences to manufacture and market CYANOBLEND™ as fertilizer and animal feed ingredient.

CYANOBLEND™ is an ideal ingredient for the promotion of soil health and rapid growth of the microbial biomass that provides crop nutrients through natural nutrient cycling. As agriculture shifts to sustainable practices, CYANOBLEND™ is a key ingredient for grower success.

What do ISO-Extracts do?

ISO-Extracts is a natural biological complex with stimulative qualities. In fertilizer formulations, ISO-Extracts are efficiently applied to crops with consistent results over the crop cycle, achieving much more of the genetic potential.