Beem Biologics is a developer and manufacturer of proprietary plant extracts for use as ingredients in
organic and conventional fertility formulations. Our ingredients are offered exclusively by a License Agreement.

Raw Guayule Extract (patent pending) stabilized with soy protein hydrolysate and sulfate of potassium to achieve a 1-0-1 nutrient level. ISOPLEX™ is used as a fertilizer nutrient ingredient to enhance crop performance through improved nutrient uptake and plant vigor.

A blend of algae and cyanobacteria strains for use as a nutrient ingredient in biofertilizer formulations and a soil amendment. Algae and cyanobacteria are primary drivers in the growth of the soil’s microbial biomass. Includes nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing strains.

The objective is to create a distinction between the upper section about INGREDIENTS and the lower section about a REGISTERED FORMULATION.

Registered Formulation

ISO NPK 3-1-3 is an organic biofertilizer additive for organic or conventional fertility programs. Scientific research and field trials confirm the efficacy of ISO NPK 3-1-3, demonstrated in the following ways:

  1. Improved plant vigor
  2. Improved nutrient uptake
ISO NPK OMRI (ALL STATES except California)
ISO NPK Crop Specific Directions
ISO K Label
Crop Specific Directions
OMRI Certificate
CDFA Organic Certificate

Field Trials






See What Others Are Saying

I achieved 26% greater corn yields with ISO NPK
Dave Lankford, Agri-Measures
“When I saw the increased size and enhanced color after the second application of the ISO product on Blueberries, I knew there would be a difference in yield. When you see something that pronounced as early as it was, you really want to keep your eye on it.”
Rudy Allen, CPAg/CCA-NW, Ag Tech Services, LLC
“Based on the trials that we experienced on our farm, we are convinced that ISO NPK represents the future for yield increases in vegetables and grains. We will now be using ISO NPK for corn and soybeans across our entire farm.”
David Mattix
ISONPK had a great 2017. I have been in this business for almost 58 years and I have never dealt with a product that I am this excited about. It had outstanding results on all crops including Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Cotton, Rice and vegetable crops.

A leading Mid-South retailer with multiple research farms compared the product against their proprietary Bio Forge product and it out performed it in every trial in six locations.

A major company compared the product against every possible product on the market today and it out performed every product that they put up against it. If you are presently using Bio Forge, Ascend, Radiate, Megaflo or any of the seaweed products you need to try this product against any of these.

JACK KELLER, Newburgh, Indiana

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